El Amanecer Restaurant

Visit us at Home County Folk Festival

At Victoria Park London Ontario Canada

From July 18 to 20 2008

Lord King Pakal Ruler of the Maya City of Palenque
Wife of Lord King Pakal Ruler of the Maya City of Palenque


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Earth Day

Vist Us at Home County Folk Festival

El Amanecer Booth

July 18 -20 2008

With Vegetarian and Organic Menu.

We Celebrate Earth Day

For many Reasons.

Food is fundamental to life

Healthy and Safe, food is a basic human right.

Our Modern Society has the difficulty of supplying the community with Vegetarian and organic food.

At Earth Day; El Amanecer Restaurant.

Emphasize locally grown, and seasonally fresh affordable and accessible to all for a Better Green World.

At Earth Day; El Amanecer Restaurant.

Advocate that fresh food begins with: unpolluted air, unpolluted land and unpolluted water,

environmentally sustainable farming fishing, and humane animal husbandry.

At Earth Day; El Amanecer Restaurant.

suggest that Cultural and biological diversity is essential for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

At Earth Day; El Amanecer Restaurant.

Offer Latin-American traditional dishes with abundant evidence of healthy food made out of

fruits, vegetables, beans, corn , breads and grains which are the foundation of good diets.

As part of Earth Day El Amanecer Restaurant

Invite the Community to learn about our culinary culture

and the choices of

helping for a Better Green World.

serpiente Quetzalcoatl

Empanada Day March 30 2008

Green Volunteers and El Amanecer Restaurant are parnetring together.

We are holding our third fundraising event.

Empanada day to give Water for Buena Vista Village in El Salvador.

Your Donation will create a rain harvesting pound to 40 families that are mostly

elderly who have no water in the summer time.

Donation Goal: $ 7000.00

This will benefit the neighbors and residents of canton Buena Vista in the departament of La Paz El Salvador.

Human needs water, but how is water distributed fairly within a country like El Salvador?

we don't have the answer but what append to the small local community ?.

With your help and Green Volunteers we can solve the problem by creating a water pound wich will give water to 40 families for their daily needs to their crops fields Chickens and cattle.

Access to freshwater is the right of every Human in our Modern world.

Local freshwater solution is around the corner for Buena Vista Village in El Salvador .

Help us to Bring Fresh Water to People.

dry pound buena vista village copy (40K) dry water supplie for buena vista village el salvador copy (31K)

People of Buena Vista doesn't have the funds for such a project ,

the cost of the project is $ 7,000 for the materials to construct a stone pound

the first year is a investment of $ 2,500 to build the first stage of the pound.

this pound will gave water supplie to a population of 180 people,

is a investment of $38 for a person to have water for the rest of his life .

the project will be builded by the people of the Village of Buena Vista

your donation will be strictly for the materials like stones and concret.

El Salvador is the country with the lowest average coverage in Central America

and the forth lowest in Latin America

to delivery of potable drinking water to all of its citizens

World Water Day March 22, 2008

Visit us at:

El Amanecer Restaurant

175 Wortley Rd London

519 642 1000

London Canada

greenvolunteers_ca (68K) serpiente Quetzalcoatl serpiente Quetzalcoatl serpiente Quetzalcoatl

Colombian Independecy Day

Friday July, 20, 2007.

Colombian Buffet

This holiday represents the Colombian spirirt to survive after 291 years of invation.

Colombian Kitchen make a wonderful Potato soups.

South America the Capital of the Potato (Potatl)

Ajiaco Soup.

clik to see the recipe

The most traditional soup in Bogota the Capital of Colombia.

This dish is made with Potato which is native to South America.

The Inca native name of Potato is " Potatl ".

serpiente Quetzalcoatl

Pre-Columbian Art Gallery

At Our Restaurant

Thanks to all our Customers

For being with us and celebrate

the effort of Diffusion And Conservation

of the

Pre-Columbian Culture and Art.

serpiente Quetzalcoatl

Mexican and Central-American Independency Day

September, 15, 2007.

For this Special day we Celebrate with:

Live Mexican Music "Mariachi"

And September 15 Special Dishes.

serpiente Quetzalcoatl serpiente Quetzalcoatl

5 de Mayo

This holiday represents

The Mexican spirit to survive against another invasion.

144 years ago a ragtag group of Mexican ex-guerrilas drove off

a powerful army of six thousand French invaders.

For this Special day 5 de Mayo 2007 we Celebrate with:

5 de Mayo Special Dishes.

All major credit cards accepted.

5 Minutes From London Down Town

Reservations are suggested.

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