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The International PuPusa Day November 18 2007

Lord King Pakal Ruler of the Maya City of Palenque
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Turkey Christmas recipes

This Recipe is 367 years Old and Originaly Made With Turkey

In the Ocation of the Arrival the New Vice-King "ViRey" Palafox

from Spain to the Americas in 1639


See our page Culinary History

Brown Mole Sauce History

serpiente (4K)


8 pieces of cooked turkey (any part of turkey )

1 cup of Brown Mole Paste

( Small Secret: Buy Ready Made Dona Maria at any Latin store )

which will make about 1 Lt. if you add the Turkey stock.

4 cups of turkey stock

toasted sesame seeds

lettuce leaves



fry cooked turkey pieces until slightly golden brown

If Using a commercial turkey fryer or pan, and following manufacturer's instructions, heat oil to 375F.

Make sure the fryer or pan is:

positioned well away from any children, teenagers, pets or flammable structures.

Make sure the pot or pan is only partly filled to allow for the level of the oil to increase when the turkey is added.

You should also leave room to allow for the bubbling of the oil when the turkey is first added.

You may judge the level of oil necessary by placing the raw turkey in the empty pot or pan and covering

it with an inch or two of water then marking the level before removing the turkey and discarding the water.

Very IMPORTANT discarding the water from pot or pan.

Gradually immerse the whole turkey into the hot oil a little bit at a time,

giving the oil a chance to calm down before immersing more of the bird.

It's a good idea to wear heavy gloves and a long sleeve shirt for protection from the inevitable spattering of the oil.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.


Fry turkey for 3 minutes per pound.

Remove from oil and let stand for 15 minutes before slicing.

Dissolve Brown Mole Paste into stock and bring to a boil

add turkey pieces to the Brown mole sauce and boil again until turkey is cooked.

place the turkey on a plate

Reduce Mole sauce utill thick (not too much Thick

Then spoon over Turkey Pieces

Garnish with toasted sesame seeds, Shredded lettuce or if you will like Sour cream and feta cheese

Decorate with red ripe pomegranate seeds or Grape-tomato open like a flower.

Serve with Red Mexican Rice or Potatoes or Beans all flavors blend excellent.

You can add to your table Sliced French Baguette and it Blends very well.

or worm Tortillas ( But No Chips Please )

The Good presentation is important try to Garnish it with Red vegetables, White cheese and Green Vegetables.

Small Secret.

The Brown mole paste is hard to do, include 40 ingredients which must be in the perfect amount

to balance well so You can buy the paste ready at every Latin Grocery store

The name is Brown Mole , or simply Mole or Mexican mole (red or brown is the same)

preferable DONA Maria.

You can find all you need to cook Latin Recipes at:

La Tienda

12 # 725 Notre Dame Dr.

London On.

Latino Market

470 Dundas street East

tel: 519 645 4834

London On.


267 Thompson rd

Tel : 519 686 673

London On.

Courtesy of

El Amanecer Restaurant

The chefs.

for Turkey Basics: Safe Cooking visit http://southernfood.about.com/library/info/bltrkeya.htm

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