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Colombian Ajiaco Soup

serpiente (4K)


This dish is made with Potato which is native to south America.

The Inca native name of Potato is " Potatl ".

The potato was discover by the Spanish "Conquistador" in 1524 in

Peru and Colombia South America and send it to Europe in 1571.

The potato was cultivated in Europe under the hands

of a Monastery in Spain as strange vegetable and forbidden to eat until 1700.

( because it comes from a family of plants that are maligns.

in French the name is Fruit from the earth.

"Satanic Fruit" named by the church because it comes from the earth)

Only after this date 1700 the cultivation of potato was spread in Europe as a new vegetable

French fries name Most be "Inca Fries" .

Inca culture was a powerful agricultural Impire they cultivated the potato 10,000 years ago

And is a 1000 of different kind of potatoes in south America

used as a Maine vegetable in the antique south American natives tribes .

Ajiaco is a thick potato soup made with:

chicken, potatoes, capers, Fresh cream, avocado and

the wonderful aroma and flavor of the Guaska or Waska or Kiska leaves

This leaves is what it make this soup so

Unique (don't skip this ingredient)

(available in all the Latin groceries stores in London On Canada)

The real traditional Ajiaco is made of :

Small Yellow potatoes, Pastusa potatoes, Paramuna potatoes, Sabanera potatoes, which are cultivated only in south America.

The recipe

1 onion.

3 garlic's

Small Pinch of cumin

Small Pinch Yellow cur cum

Small Pinch Achiote

1 cup of Guasca or Waska (native name Kiska from the Muisca lenguage)leaves

(available in all the Latin groceries stores in London On Canada)

Bunch of coriander

2 free range chickens

18 cups of water

2 cubes de chicken broth

1 pounds of Sabanera potatoes cut in froths

1 pound of Creole potatoes skinned

2 pounds of Pastusa o paramuna potatoes skinned cut in 1/4

5 cut fresh corn

Hands on the cooking.

Cook the chicken in the 18 cups of water

With the onion garlic and coriander

Small Pinch of cumin

Small Pinch Yellow cur cum

Small Pinch Achiote

Slow cooking will be the best way.

After 1 hour and 1/2

The chicken is tender and fully cooked put apart.

In the broth add the (keep boiling the broth)

Sabanera potatoes

After 5 minutes add the Creole and Pastusa potatoes

After 5 minutes add the Small Yellow potatoes

Before the potatoes are done ad the wasca leaves and the corn.

Ad salt and pepper.

Taste for salt and black pepper

For serving

Shred the chicken then ad to the broth cook for 20 minutes.

Serve very hot.

Side garnishes

Fresh cream, Oregano, Hot peppers , caper and cubed avocado

For Mexican twist

Ad a hint of chipotle (smoked jalapeno peppers caned) will give to the soup a rich smoked and hot flavor.

For Canadian twist


you can mix many kinds of potatoes

Cubed Pork or Beef.

Sausages or bacon.

Suggestion Multi-cutural dishes are as good as the traditional.

The Colombian Ingredients like potatoes or Wasca leaves you can by at

You can find all you need to cook Latin Recipes at:

La Tienda

12 # 725 Notre Dame Dr.

Latino Market

470 Dundas street East

tel: 519 645 4834


267 Thompson rd

Tel : 519 686 673

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El Amanecer Restaurant

The chefs.

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