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Empanada Day

Sunday March 2008

Lord King Pakal Ruler of the Maya City of Palenque
Wife of Lord King Pakal Ruler of the Maya City of Palenque


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Pupusas History

serpiente (4K)

Pupusas are from El Salvador, and were first eaten by the Natives there

almost three millennum ago (3,000 years).

Cooking implements for their preparation have been found in

Joya de Ceren and other archeological sites.

A common Salvadoran dish, are available outside the country

wherever a community of Salvadoran immigrants is to be found.

buena-vista-village-el-salv (54K) moliendo maiz y manos ok copy (22K)

In the United States, immigrants have brought the dish to

Northern California (the San Francisco Bay Area),

Central California, Southern California, Virginia, Washington D.C. The Chicago area,

the Houston area, and other locations,

where there are now many pupuserías (a place where pupusas are sold).

olocuilta 2 copy (39K)

In Canada, pupuserias may be found in South-Western Ontario, Montreal and Quebec.

Both at home and abroad, pupusas are now traditionally served

olocuilta 3 copy (42K)

with curtido (a pickled cabbage relish, coleslaw , possibly containing hot peppers)

and tomato sauce, and are traditionally eaten with the fingers.

olocuilta 5 copy (39K)

A popular variant of the pupusa in El Salvador is the pupusa de arroz.

Rice flour is used to make the masa, as the name indicates,

and they are usually stuffed only with beans and cheese.

pupusas 2 cocinando maiz copy (36K)

They hail from the town of Olocuilta, located to the east of San Salvador,

pupusas at home in buena vista village el salvador copy (27K)

but are now readily available throughout the country.

pupusas cociendo maiz y tortillas copy (35K)

Pupusas made in the United States are typically made with Maseca

(brand name of a popular commercial corn flour-masa mix) instead of home made corn.

Some high-end pupuserías in the United States use

rice flour and make low-carbohydrate versions with wheat flour.

A Mexican dish that is similar to the

pupusa is called a gordita (literally, "the little fat one"),

but gorditas are usually open at one end.

In Venezuela they make arepas (where the dough is cooked first,

and then sliced in half and stuffed somewhat like a hamburger).

Colombia has its own recipe of arepas, but, unlike Venezuelan,

Colombian arepas are usually eaten without filling,

or the filling is placed inside the dough before cooking.

Pupusas are also found in neighboring Central American

countries as far west as Quetzaltenango, Guatemala,

and are also part of Honduran cuisine.

They are not as traditional as in El Salvador,

yet they are a common part of Honduran dishes.

Some say they were brought from El Salvador by Salvadorans migrating to Honduras;

In El Salvador, an official holiday Día Nacional de la Pupusa,

"National Pupusa Day", is celebrated on November 13.

Empanada Day March 30 2008

Green Volunteers and El Amanecer Restaurant are parnetring together.

We are holding our third fundraising event.

Empanada day to give Water for Buena Vista Village in El Salvador.

Your Donation will create a rain harvesting pound to 40 families that are mostly

elderly who have no water in the summer time.

Donation Goal: $ 7000.00

This will benefit the neighbors and residents of canton Buena Vista in the departament of La Paz El Salvador.

Human needs water, but how is water distributed fairly within a country like El Salvador?

we don't have the answer but what append to the small local community ?.

With your help and Green Volunteers we can solve the problem by creating a water pound wich will give water to 40 families for their daily needs to their crops fields Chickens and cattle.

Access to freshwater is the right of every Human in our Modern world.

Local freshwater solution is around the corner for Buena Vista Village in El Salvador .

Help us to Bring Fresh Water to People.

dry pound buena vista village copy (40K) dry water supplie for buena vista village el salvador copy (31K)

People of Buena Vista doesn't have the funds for such a project ,

the cost of the project is $ 7,000 for the materials to construct a stone pound

the first year is a investment of $ 2,500 to build the first stage of the pound.

this pound will gave water supplie to a population of 180 people,

is a investment of $38 for a person to have water for the rest of his life .

the project will be builded by the people of the Village of Buena Vista

your donation will be strictly for the materials like stones and concret.

El Salvador is the country with the lowest average coverage in Central America

and the forth lowest in Latin America

to delivery of potable drinking water to all of its citizens

Visit us at:

El Amanecer Restaurant

175 Wortley Rd London

519 642 1000

London Canada

greenvolunteers_ca (68K)

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